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Lock & Security as it relates to on-line buying

There is plenty of discussion about the changing buying habits of all commercial, industrial, retail, service and government buyers as well as retail consumers.
The competition in any field for products and service purchases is greater than ever, yet there is still amazing opportunity for all if you don’t just sit there,watch and report what is happening?

When it comes to internet marketing, Social Media is the 800 lb Gorilla but there is more to it. Are you afraid?

Have you ever wondered why you continue to advertise another business every time you use an email address such as myname@mycableprovider.com and don’t get paid to advertise for them? When customers, fans, and prospects see your address as yourname@yourcompany there is credibility gained and another way to promote your business and your brand Food for thought. It costs so little why wouldn’t you do it today?