Are You Waiting for the Phone to Ring?

Making things happen in your business is your responsibility.  You may say to yourself, “They don’t call us for electronic access control.” Your customer may be saying “I didn’t know you installed Card Systems and Cameras.” You may already have lost a sale to someone that “knows” you but did not know the range of products and service your company provides.  Who’s fault is that? You must market your products and services every day to existing customers first and prospects second.  How would you do this?  On the phone? In Store-Display? Direct mail? E-Mail? Cold Calls? Web Site?  Trade Show, Calendar? Seminar? Security Checkist, Webinar? Social Media? Blog? Quarterly 1 page electronic newsletter? Text message?  Implement any or all by developing a marketing calendar and plan to promote a specific category each month but always including a broad picture of what your business provides.  Your customers don’t know what they don’t know. You do. Check out the chart, perhaps you will “fill-in” your own product and service offering , but you see the picture.  Promote everything you do-it’s up to you.

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