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Lock & Security as it relates to on-line buying

There is plenty of discussion about the changing buying habits of all commercial, industrial, retail, service and government buyers as well as retail consumers.
The competition in any field for products and service purchases is greater than ever, yet there is still amazing opportunity for all if you don’t just sit there,watch and report what is happening?

The internet definitely has impacted business owners in every channel at every level. When researching for general or specific information, or options,applicatons, availability, free shipping, price, customer service and tech support; buyers are deciding purchasing on-line has advantages and disadvantages.
But, without questions the impact is felt across every industry.

Unlimited product and product types are found on the sites of many non-traditional sources of specialty products, for example Staples, Office Max,Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Costco, Sam’s Club, Graingers, Lowe’s, BJ’s Wholesale, Home Depot Want more? Getting worried? What’s the point?

If you are the “Pro in the Know” but typically not making it easy for consumers to buy you need to change quickly.
The encroachment of other industries is real. Buyers are not paid for loyalty to a vendor by the companies they represent,they are loyal to saving money and just in time delivery. (unless instructed otherwise) Of course there are exceptions,but the trend says the masses are more open-minded about where, why and when they buy.
You can fight back. But it won’t change by sitting there pondering what to do.