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When it comes to internet marketing, Social Media is the 800 lb Gorilla but there is more to it. Are you afraid?

Have you ever wondered why you continue to advertise another business every time you use an email address such as and don’t get paid to advertise for them? When customers, fans, and prospects see your address as yourname@yourcompany there is credibility gained and another way to promote your business and your brand Food for thought. It costs so little why wouldn’t you do it today?
The next logical piece is social media. You must do it to be found. Why? With yellow books disappearing and users of yellow books dwindling,people or businesses that need to find your business are searching 97% of the time for the local provider…on Google. Will you be found? Will you be found on other social media sites? You should be concerned if your business is not prominent in the Google listing by your business type in your city.
Will they find you on Facebook? Wait, why Facebook? You reach out to your fans on Facebook something you could never do in a yellow book.
You get to communicate frequently reminding customers of your business, your personality and your position in the community.
This is far more powerful than having a listing you hope people will find in print or online. Hope is not a strategy to get exicited about!
Will your business have multiple recent reviews touting your business or ridiculing it? Do you even know?
The reality is if you do not take social media seriously for your business immediately, getting found in the future will be far more difficult.
Social Media is beyond a trend. It’s Business.